Danielle's Story

Danielle's Place, Ontario, Burlington Danielle wanted so much to live a full life, and once wrote “I see incredible beauty in humanity, only most of it is unfulfilled potential, hidden under the superficial.”

At 17 years old, my daughter Danielle was a caring, talented, typical teenager, soon to be the lead actress in a Sears festival play, and applying to go to university.  Unfortunately her life was forever changed that first day of summer - by a sexual assault that left her unable to face eating.  Already slim, she lost weight rapidly and fell into the alternate reality of anorexia.  She became too weak to appear in her play.  Despite putting herself on the wait-list in the first months of the illness, it was three years before she finally got into a day-program for three months only.  With no after-support, adrift, Danielle relapsed to the point of dying.  Inadequate treatment - due largely to inadequate funding.

Before her death, Danielle had a vision to build compassionate and humane services for the many sufferers of eating disorders.  Together we formed goals that would see her vision become a reality.  When she died at twenty-five, Sept 20, 2001, depleted in every part of her body, I took up these goals without her, but with the help of many wonderful people.

On behalf of Danielle and the Board of Danielle’s Place, we welcome you to our world where your precious uniqueness is valued and where your personal journey towards the full life that you so deserve, is no longer a lonely one.  We aim to empower you, to give you tools and encouragement for every stage of your journey.  We have seen the wonders of recovery and know what it awaits you.

Carolyn Mayeur
Danielle's Place, Ontario, Burlington Danielle's Place, Ontario, Burlington "These two photos exhibit the startling contrast in appearance of Burlington resident and anorexia sufferer Danielle Mayeur. Directly to the right she is shown as a healthy 16 year old. The other image is of an extremely thin and sickly Danielle at the age of 23."

Danielle's Place, Ontario, Burlington