Danielle's Place, Ontario, Burlington

What We Offer

About Danielle's Place

In 2015, Danielle’s Place officially came under ROCK, Reach Out Centre for Kids. ROCK is the Lead for Children and Youth in Halton and is Accredited with Exemplary Standing as of 2021. Danielle’s Place offers prevention and early intervention services for children and youth 17 and under, who are at risk of developing an eating disorder.

Danielle's Place, Ontario, Burlington

Why Prevention & Early Intervention?

Early Intervention & Prevention services refer to the identification of eating disorder symptoms and implementation of support as soon as symptoms are recognized. This also relates to the early identification and response to re-emerging symptoms for youth in eating disorder recovery. Early intervention & prevention services have proven to greatly reduce the impact of eating disorders long term.

Disordered eating behaviours often develop in response to negative body image and body dissatisfaction which can lead to serious physical, psychological and functional problems. Danielle’s Place has designed specific services to reduce these risk factors, enhance protective factors and ultimately reduce the increasing rates of disordered eating and eating disorders in our community.

Each of Our Services Incorporate the Following;

  • Build self-esteem & body acceptance and a balanced approach to nutrition and movement
  • Interactive approach to service delivery by offering group-based services. This style of engagement has proven to enhance participant learning
  • An understanding of how risk factors, such as poor body image, can lead to an eating disorder; and how protective factors such as high self-esteem and coping skills, can reduce the risk of an eating disorder
  • Developmentally appropriate activities and workbooks
  • Socio-culturally relevant
  • A multi-session structure that allows for both direct experience and time between sessions for reflection (this is necessary to reinforce learning)

Donate to Danielle's Place

If you are interested in donating to Danielle’s Place please click on the “DONATE TODAY” button and detail that you wish for your donation to go directly to Danielle’s Place. Together we can continue to offer valuable prevention programs free of charge and accessible to all youth in our community.