Danielle's Place, Ontario, Burlington

Meet Our Team

Erica Crews (She/Her), B.A. S.S.W

Danielle’s Place Coordinator, Lead

Erica holds a Bachelor of Arts in Gender Studies and Political Science from Queens University. She also holds a Social Service Worker diploma from Sheridan College where she graduated with honours in 2017.

Erica has lived experience with an eating disorder and was able to achieve recovery through a combination of clinical and community supports. She is now passionate about creating programs and services that will meet clients where they’re at; those who are at risk of developing an eating disorder, experiencing low body image and or self esteem. As the Danielle’s Place Coordinator Erica is dedicated to ensuring that the program continues to grow creatively and effectively in order to best serve the community.

Erica Crews, Danielle's Place, Ontario, Burlington
Danielle's Place, Ontario, Burlington

Kelly Giuliani (She/Her)

Manager of Community and Youth Development

Kelly has been working with children, youth and families for over 25 years and most of those years have been with ROCK. Kelly is passionate about mental health. She has worked in the frontline, community-based settings and realizes that having access to equitable, diverse and appropriate programs, services and resources is essential in our community.

Kelly believes it’s so important for us to feel heard and connected to the people and services we are engaged in. So please say hello to Kelly when you see her. She would love to connect with you.

Kelly Giuliani, Danielle's Place, Ontario, Burlington
Danielle's Place, Ontario, Burlington

Emmie She/Her - BA, ADMH

Targeted Prevention Worker

Emmie is passionate about working with children and youth and has experience working in various community settings. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology, from Queen’s University, as well as a post graduate certificate in Additional and Mental Health, from Humber College.

Personal experience with an eating disorder and maintaining recovery has inspired Emmie to work within the field of prevention and early intervention for eating disorders. She is dedicated to meeting the needs of youth and interacting with them in a way that is inclusive, informative and empowering. Creating a space where individuals can come together and have their voices heard is extremely valuable to Emmie.

Emmie, Danielle's Place, Ontario, Burlington

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Danielle's Place, Ontario, Burlington